Japanese women denied entry into Hawaii; suspected of prostitution?

TOKYO, Sep 12 (News On Japan) - Young Japanese women going to Hawaii on holidays are increasingly being denied entry into the United States and forced to return to Japan at their own expense.

What could be the reasons behind this?

A legal specialist familiar with U.S. visas, Sato Tomoyo, remarked, "There has been a significant increase in Asian women going abroad for sex work, primarily for the high rewards, after the COVID-19 pandemic. U.S. immigration authorities are vigilant about activities such as 'sugar dating'. It's not just Hawaii; there have been numerous cases where women were suspected of prostitution and denied entry into Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York."

Due to the post-pandemic desire for high earnings, Asian women traveling abroad for prostitution have surged.

Once you are denied entry, the consequences can extend for a long period.

"U.S. immigration laws state that individuals with a criminal record or those involved in prostitution should not be allowed to enter the United States. If this applies, you will be banned for 10 years," Sato exclaims.

Experts point out that even professions that can be done from anywhere, such as influencers, may face the possibility of being denied entry.