2 Chinese nabbed stealing hundreds of Yamanashi peaches

TOKYO, Sep 14 (News On Japan) - Two Chinese men have been arrested on suspicion of stealing 350 peaches in Yamanashi Prefecture, central Japan, as a series of peach thefts grips the area.

The suspects, identified as Mr. Ryu Ichuan (age 28) and Mr. Ryu Jienchan (age 37), both of Chinese nationality residing in Ishiwa-cho, Fuefuki City, were apprehended.

According to police, the two individuals are suspected of stealing around 350 peaches from a peach orchard in Fuefuki City in late June, amounting to approximately 100,000 yen in value.

The peaches were found in several shopping baskets and had been left in the orchard.

Both suspects were previously arrested last month on charges related to illegal immigration.

The police have not disclosed whether the suspects have admitted to the allegations.

A spate of peach thefts has occurred in the city from June to July, and authorities are investigating these incidents further.