Giant Yokohama theme park to rival Tokyo Disneyland, opens 2031

TOKYO, Sep 15 (News On Japan) - A new theme park in Yokohama with a land area equivalent to Tokyo Disneyland is set to open in 2031 on a former military site.

According to Yokohama City, the plan is for park's attractions to tap into Japanese culture content such as anime and games, as well as cutting-edge technology like virtual reality.

Mitsubishi Estate was chosen by Yokohama City as the developer of the theme park which is scheduled to open around 2031, with an expected annual visitor count of 12 million people.

Sep 15 (ANNnewsCH) - およそ70ヘクタールある上瀬谷通信施設跡地の再開発地区のうち、およそ51ヘクタールにテーマパークが建設される予定です。東京ディズニーランドと敷地面積が同じ規模です。  ...continue reading