Tokyo beckons with Ginza and all its possibilities

TOKYO, Sep 16 ( - Ginza is a district close to the center of Tokyo. It is a small neighborhood near the trendy Tsukiji fish market. Besides the glitz, the area is world-renowned for its incredible shopping and entertainment.

One can get a good dinner, see a show, or just get something pretty. Ornate lamp posts, even pavement and shops around getting more and more upscale with the storefronts of luxury brands mean one has arrived. But there is more to Ginza than the designer bags and authentic aesthetic meals. There are also tons of opportunities to snag that perfect piece of cool vintage.

The few malls in Ginza are excellent options for some serious retail therapy. Almost every store has a spot in Ginza, even souvenirs are available, so there are tons of possibilities for pasalubong.

Other attractions include the super Instagrammable Art Aquarium which is a series of artistically done, aesthetically pleasing displays. There is also some traditional Kabuki Theatre playing at the Shochiku and Kabukiza for a unique Japanese experience. ...continue reading