Elementary school students vs. jet plane in tug-of-war at Narita Airport

TOKYO, Sep 17 (News On Japan) - In preparation for "Aviation Day" on September 20, elementary school students at Narita Airport took on the challenge of a tug-of-war with a jet plane.

Approximately 250 people, including elementary school students and their parents, gathered at Narita Airport for this event.

On the morning of the 17th, a massive jet plane weighing 161 tons, which had arrived from Australia, awaited them.

About 140 elementary school students joined forces to pull three ropes connected to the plane's axles simultaneously, but the jet plane didn't budge an inch.

As some adults joined in to help with the tug-of-war, the plane slowly began to move, and the victory went to a parent-child team who had pulled it 15 meters.

The tug-of-war event with a jet plane has been held since 1993 to familiarize people with the airport, and this marks the 25th time it has taken place.