Runaway relative arrested for murder of Yokohama ramen shop manager

YOKOHAMA, Sep 18 (News On Japan) - A male relative of the Yokohama ramen shop manager who was stabbed to death in his restaurant last Friday night has been arrested after being tracked down by police in Nagoya, over 300km from the scene of the crime.

The suspect, Akihito Ohashi (35), is accused of using a knife to stab and kill Hiroki Ohashi (33), the manager of the ramen shop in Yokohama's Konan Ward on September 15.

Police traced Akihito to a hotel in Nagoya after examining security camera footage. He has admitted to using a knife in the stabbing, although no murder weapon was found.

Akihito has confessed, saying, "There is no doubt about it, I did it." The police are currently investigating whether there were any disputes between the two individuals. The suspect, Akihito, was not only an employee of Hiroki's shop but also a relative.

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