Just 30mins From Tokyo: KAWAGOE Historic Town Food Tour!

TOKYO, Sep 18 (Japan by Food) - Just an hour away from Tokyo in Saitama, Kawagoe's cobbled streets, well-preserved historical architecture, and nostalgic ambiance transport visitors back to a bygone era. Often referred to as ‘Koedo’ or ‘Little Edo,’ this charming city resonates with the spirit of Japan's Edo period.

Join Shizuka as she steps back in time and journeys to old-world Japan! The adventure begins at Kawagoe's iconic Toki no Kane bell tower, dating back to 1639. Next, our host craves Kawagoe-style street food, which she tracks down at Koedo Osatsuan, a shop known for its sweet potato chips dipped in cream!

Sweet tooth activated, Shizuka strolls to her next destination… Kawagoe Cheese Cake. But which flavor will she choose? Kawagoe Sweet Potato Cheese Cake Mont Blanc, of course! Fuelled and ready to continue the journey, Shizuka makes her way to an unagi (eel) shop, another Kawagoe specialty. She tried a regional delicacy called Umaki, which combines the words ‘unagi’ (eel) and ‘tamagoyaki’ (Japanese rolled omelet).

Seeking some solace from the summer heat, Shizuka searches for a snack to cool her down, which presents itself in the form of Kyuri Asazuke (chilled pickled cucumber). Our host strolls on to Kashiya Yokocho for some more nostalgic sweet treats. Stop number one is an 85cm Fugashi (a dried wheat gluten snack coated in sugarcane sugar). Stop two sees Shizuka try her hand at candy glass blowing! Stop three involves an ice cold Coedo Beer, the perfect way to end the day.