Hearings begin in Carlos Ghosn's $1 billion lawsuit against Nissan

The National -- Sep 20

Judicial hearings on the $1 billion lawsuit that Carlos Ghosn has filed against Nissan, the auto company he used to head, have begun, with lawyers from both sides meeting the judge charged with overseeing the case in Beirut.

The session lasted for about four hours at the Justice Palace in the Lebanese capital, with lawyers meeting with a judge from the Beirut prosecutor’s office, AP reported.

It is unclear when the next session will be held.

A lawyer for Mr Ghosn did not respond to a request for comment.

Mr Ghosn launched legal action earlier this year against Nissan and 12 individuals.

The lawsuit, seen by The National, seeks $588 million in lost salary and another $500 million in moral damage.

It accuses the defendants of, among other things, defamation, violating the sanctity of his residence and fabricating charges that led to his detention in Japan. ...continue reading

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