Japan opens hotline for male sex abuse victims after boyband scandal

barrons.com -- Sep 20

The Japanese government will set up a hotline for male victims of sexual abuse, a minister announced on Tuesday, as the country grapples with an abuse scandal at the biggest boyband agency.

The hotline will be available to boys and men for three months from Friday and specialists will take calls for counselling, according to the Cabinet Office.

The Japanese government has been offering a 24-hour hotline for both male and female sexual abuse victims, but a Cabinet Office official told AFP that there were concerns that men might feel reluctant to use the service.

The new hotline is part of the government's "emergency plan" against sexual abuse of children.

Sep 20 (TBS NEWS) - ジャニー喜多川氏の性加害問題を受け、成人男性や男の子を対象とした性暴力の電話相談窓口を政府が開設することになりました。  ...continue reading