Japan's Ghibli anime studio to be acquired by Nippon TV

TOKYO, Sep 21 (Nikkei) - Nippon Television Holdings will acquire Studio Ghibli -- the globally acclaimed anime house known for smash hits like "Spirited Away" and director Hayao Miyazaki -- through subsidiary Nippon TV, the company announced on Thursday.

The broadcast company will acquire a 42.3% stake in Ghibli, based on voting rights, effective Oct. 6.

Hiroyuki Fukuda, a senior operating officer of Nippon TV, is expected to take over as president of the studio.

Nippon TV, which has not disclosed how much it will pay for the acquisition, has financed Ghibli films since 1985, when it became the first broadcaster to televise "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind," a post-apocalyptic fantasy anime.

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