Kick streamer Johnny Somali arrested in Japan after breaking into construction site

TOKYO, Sep 22 ( - Controversial Kick streamer Johnny Somali has been arrested in Japan following months of harassing locals and other streamers.

Johnny Somali was arrested in Osaka after reportedly breaking into a hotel construction site last month on August 30.

During a live Kick broadcast on September 21, Johnny began streaming while being followed by a police officer, explaining to his viewers that the cop had been on his tail for thirty minutes.

After entering a convenience store to get a drink, Johnny was apprehended as multiple officers showed up and placed him in handcuffs, all while his stream continued. ...continue reading

Sep 22 (ANNnewsCH) - 迷惑行為などの動画を配信しているアメリカ国籍の男らが大阪市内の建設現場に無断で立ち入ったとして逮捕されました。  ...continue reading