4 Chinese men fined for taking garbage bags

FUKUOKA, Sep 24 (News On Japan) - Fukuoka City has slapped four Chinese nationals with 50,000 yen fines for repeatedly swiping garbage bags containing aluminum cans without permission.

According to Fukuoka City, the four Chinese men in their 30s and 40s had been repeatedly taking garbage bags containing metals such as aluminum cans from the non-combustible storage area of​their apartment complex without permission.

Even after a prohibition order was issued based on the city ordinance, the four men continued to pilfer the bags, forcing the city imposed a fine of 50,000 yen on each person on September 20.

This marks the first time that Fukuoka City has imposed fines for the removal of household garbage. In subsequent interviews, the men explained that they had been selling metals like aluminum cans "to make a living."