Diving into Flavor of Hokkaido Scallops & 3 Places Where to Eat them in Tokyo!

TOKYO, Sep 25 (Japan by Food) - Join Shizuka for a journey into the world of Hokkaido Hotate (Scallops) in Tokyo!

Hokkaido Hotate (Scallops) are a culinary delight celebrated for their exceptional quality and rich flavor. Harvested from the pristine waters surrounding Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island, these plump and succulent mollusks are highly sought after in the world of seafood. Hokkaido's cold and nutrient-rich environment contributes to the scallops' remarkable sweetness and tender texture, making them a delicacy in Japanese and international cuisine.

First stop, Noan in Shibuya! This barbecue joint is known (and loved) for its generously sized platters, outdoor seating, and ‘tebura’ dining sets. Shizuka cools down with a refreshing lemonade before hitting the grill and tucking into a feast. On the menu? Hokkaido Hotate grilled in butter and soy sauce, grilled vegetables, and pulled pork tortillas.

Next stop, Two Rooms Grill Bar in Aoyama. Located on the 5th floor of the AO Building, this restaurant prides itself on high-end dining, premium ingredients, and quality service. Shizuka takes a seat and picks her poison (Chardonnay), then decides on the Teppan Grilled Hokkaido Scallops for lunch. As the dish is being prepared, we’re introduced to Matthew Crabbe, chef extraordinaire and founder of Two Rooms Grill Bar. Before she knows it, the dish is served, and Shizuka finds herself marveling at the beautiful presentation before tucking in.

Final stop, Sake Bar Le Pere in Nakameguro. This cool and cozy spot has a lengthy menu, but what will Shizuka choose? Hokkaido Scallops, deep fried and sashimi (raw), please!

Whether served raw as sashimi, lightly seared, or prepared in various other gourmet dishes, Hokkaido Hotate embodies the essence of the sea, delighting taste buds with its briny, buttery notes and earning its place as a true treasure of the ocean.