Nissan to go EV-only in Europe by 2030

TOKYO, Sep 26 (NHK) - Nissan Motor has ramped up its electric vehicle strategy in Europe with a bold new target. It plans to sell only EVs there by 2030.

The Japanese auto giant made the announcement on Monday.

Nissan says that of the over one million EVs it has sold globally, one-third have been in Europe. The carmaker apparently hopes to get ahead of the competition as the continent speeds up its shift to EVs.

The move comes as the EU and the UK have been reviewing their restrictions on sales of vehicles with combustion engines.

Sep 26 (テレ東BIZ) - すべての新車をEV=電気自動車にすると表明しました。日産の内田誠社長兼CEOは、ロンドンで開いたイベントに出席し、2030年までにヨーロッパで販売する新車をすべてEVにすると表明しました。  ...continue reading