Bursting balance balls can cause serious injury

TOKYO, Sep 27 (News On Japan) - Experts have issued a warning regarding the bursting of balance balls, with 4 serious accidents reported in Japan over the past 3 years.

In a video demonstrating accidents caused by the bursting of these exercise balls, a doll was repeatedly bounced on a ball that had been slashed with a knife, resulting in an explosion approximately an hour later.

In one such accident, a man in his 50s broken his spine in Shiga Prefecture in 2021.

The cause is believed to be surface damage on the ball being gradually enlarged through overinflation and pressure during use.

According to NITE (National Institute of Technology and Evaluation), there have been four serious accidents caused by the bursting of balance balls in the past three years.

NITE advises not to exceed the maximum air pressure indicated in the instruction manual and to avoid using balance balls that have cuts or cracks.