Man stabs hospitalized wife, daughter to death

TOKYO, Sep 28 (News On Japan) - A 73-year-old unemployed man fatally stabbed his wife and eldest daughter who were inpatients at a neurology hospital in Shizuoka, central Japan, before turning the knife on himself Wednesday afternoon.

Fuji Brain Disability Research Institute Hospital, located in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is a specialized hospital for neurosurgery established in 1980 with 160 beds. The incident occurred on the third floor of the building in the recovery ward.

According to police staff, the 73-year-old man initially went to the room where his eldest daughter (40) was hospitalized and stabbed her with a knife. He then entered another room where his wife (72) was more recently hospitalized and stabbed her before attempting suicide on the spot.

An alarm from the wife's room alerted a nurse, who found the man and his wife lying on the floor. According to hospital records, the man arrived at the hospital at 2:05 PM, and the police were called at 2:19 PM.

The wife and daughter died on the spot while the man, still with the knife lodged in him, was transported to another hospital but was later confirmed to have died.