Tokyo University Walking Tour

TOKYO, Nov 29 (Video Street View Japan) - Main Gate, Ichonamiki St, Yasuda Auditorium, The University of Tokyo Hospital...

14:56 Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine
15:46 University of Tokyo General Library
17:18 Library Plaza
21:36 Chuo Dining Hall
26:54 Faculty of Law and Letters Bldg.1
28:15 Faculty of Engineering Bldg.3
31:14 Faculty of Engineering Bldg.6
34:43 Faculty of Law and Letters Bldg.1
40:19 Akamon
43:03 Kaitoku Gate
44:09 Hongo-dori Ave
45:13 Akamon
48:14 Main Gate

Aichi Medical University has announced that due to a computer error during the admissions process using the results of the unified university entrance examination, 80 applicants who should have progressed to the second stage of the medical school entrance examination were mistakenly deemed ineligible.

A controversy has arisen over the practice of bringing furikake (a Japanese rice seasoning) to school lunches at a middle school in Hyogo Prefecture.

The University of Tokyo has decided to establish a new 5-year educational program in the fall of 2027, aiming to nurture talent capable of solving global societal issues such as decarbonization.

In a lawsuit filed by Kyoto University seeking the eviction of students residing in part of the Yoshida Dormitory, considered the oldest student dormitory in Japan, the students have achieved a partial victory.