OSAKA – About 30 people were temporarily stranded on a roller coaster at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka on Saturday afternoon after the ride came to a sudden halt after sensors detected an abnormality, but nobody was injured, the park’s operator said. (Japan Times)
A powerful earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 6.6 hit western Japan early on Saturday. Strong jolts were felt in Oita, Miyazaki, Kumamoto and Kochi prefectures. There was no tsunami. (NHK)
Japan's Meteorological Agency says a La Nina weather pattern could have contributed to the recent heavy snowfall across wide areas of the country. (NHK)
Japan on Friday acted to contain a record surge in COVID-19 cases with a return to curbs that have however shown diminishing results, while a laggard vaccine booster programme leaves many people vulnerable to breakthrough infections. (Reuters)
22 January 2022
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