Japan is moving away from its strict travel restrictions that have made it an outlier in the world by allowing about 80% of inbound travelers to skip COVID tests and quarantine upon arrival. (Nikkei)
The Japanese government has decided to provide a fourth shot of coronavirus vaccine for people aged 60 or older and others with higher risks, starting on May 25. (NHK)
A medical school in Japan has been ordered to pay compensation to 13 women for discriminating against them in entrance exams. (BBC)
The Japanese government has issued a fresh recommendation on the use of face masks. It says people need not wear a face mask when out of doors even if there is not a great distance between themselves and others. The advice is based on the assumption that little to no conversation is taking place. (NHK)
22 May 2022
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May 20

We attempt to get over our dislike of eating insects by? eating some insects.

Say ?Japanese vending machine' to people living outside of Japan and you may get some unscrupulous responses, but the truth is for the most part, Japanese vending mac...

May 19

A big mistake? Or did someone have it out for Pommel Horse?

The NHK Cup is a national gymnastics competition that dates back to the 1960s and also serves as a qualifying event for gymnasts seeking spots on the Japanese national team at the Olymp...

May 19

There's a whole lot to love in this sneak-peak at the remake of the Rumiko Takahashi classic.

The anime industry is in the middle of a remake boom right now, and the updated series are often a chance to make up for a lackluster or limited-sca...

May 19

Computer literacy is basic, nontechnical knowledge about computing and software. However, it should also include digital literacy, such as knowing what websites may be harmful or how to interact with others online.

Japan is at the forefront of cre...

May 19

Luckily no one was harmed in the tense encounter.

On 18 May, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced the arrest of a 17-year-old high school student in Yokohama City for violating the Stalker Control Law and Act on Punishment of Physi...