Lawson Inc. opened Monday its first futuristic convenience store in Tokyo staffed by "avatars" remotely controlled by employees, making it possible for even those with mobility issues to enter the workforce. (Kyodo)
The Tokyo metropolitan government has, for the first time, administered an English speaking test as part of its public high school entry exam amid doubts that the tests will be graded fairly. (Kyodo)
The sight of Japanese fans at a World Cup bagging trash after a match - win or lose - always surprises non-Japanese. Japanese players are famous for doing the same in their team dressing room: hanging up towels, cleaning the floor and even leaving a thank-you note. (
Rank-and-file wrestler Abi has won the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament after the first three-way playoff in 28 years. (NHK)
29 November 2022
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Nov 26

Anime-style characters star in limited-time mystery addition to classic Disneyland attraction.

These days, pretty much every attraction that gets added to Disney's theme parks has a strong connection to an already-established animation or movie ...

Nov 24

One of the best parts of Japan's winter traditions is going to an onsen (hot spring). Submerging yourself in hot water warms your cold bones like nothing else, leaving you relaxed and ready for bed when you step out of the changing rooms.

Going to...

Nov 24

When you were young, did you daydream about visiting the bathhouse in Spirited Away, or wandering through the forest from Princess Mononoke? Studio Ghibli (???????) is a household name in Japan and has also gained recognition around the world. How...

Nov 23

Hot water is the hottest water around.

Bottled waters have long been the rage in Japan, with store shelves lined with all kinds of flavors and levels of carbonation to appeal to increasingly health-conscious consumers. And on 1 November, Asahi S...

Nov 23

Author: Hiroshi Ono, Hitotsubashi University

Working in Japan is full of inflexibilities. Flexible work arrangements, such as remote work and flexible work hours, remain low compared to other OECD countries. Digitalisation has been slow to launch ...