4 hospitalized from unusual odor at Kyoto temple

NHK -- May 03
Four people have been hospitalized after reporting a strange odor at a historic temple in the city of Kyoto.

The four, who are all women, complained of feeling ill. Their symptoms are said to be not life-threatening.

The incident occurred on Wednesday morning at Nanzenji Temple in eastern Kyoto. Police were alerted to reports of a chemical-like odor near the temple's "hojo", or abbott's quarters.

Police say around 50 visitors were in the area at the time, and 24 reported sore throats and other health issues.

Officials say there were no herbicides or other chemicals in use.

Nanzenji is a major tourist attraction, as the hojo is designated as a national treasure.


消防車や救急車が駆け付けて境内は一時、騒然となった。京都で人気の観光スポットの南禅寺で異臭騒ぎがあり、4人が搬送された。ゴールデンウィークでにぎわっていた寺は急きょ、閉鎖されている。 消防隊員が走って向かった先には、規制線が張られて奥には消防車が並び、大勢の人が座り込んでいる。 - ANNnewsCH