Death toll from torrential rain reaches 210

NHK -- Jul 16

Japanese authorities say 210 people have been confirmed dead and 22 remain missing after the recent record rainfall in the western part of the country.

Hiroshima Prefecture has the highest number of deaths at 100, followed by Okayama Prefecture with 61 and Ehime Prefecture with 26.

About 4,800 people were staying at evacuation shelters designated by local governments in 14 prefectures as of 5 PM on Sunday.

The health ministry says around 162,000 households were still without running water at noon on Sunday.

Jul 16 (ANNnewsCH) - 西日本を襲った記録的な豪雨の最新の被害状況です。ANNのまとめでは、これまでに210人が死亡し、21人の安否が分からなくなっています。被害が大きかった広島県では100人が死亡し、岡山県では61人が亡くなっています。