US soldier and girlfriend found dead in Okinawa
NHK -- Apr 14
A US military serviceman and his Japanese girlfriend have died at a condominium in Okinawa.

Police suspect the man killed himself after fatally stabbing his girlfriend with a knife.

The two were found bleeding on Saturday morning in a unit of the six-story apartment building in the town of Chatan in the southern Japanese prefecture. The building is located near US military bases.

Ambulance crew who rushed to the scene confirmed the two dead.

Police and the US military say they identified the man as a 32-year-old serviceman and the woman as his 44-year-old Japanese girlfriend.

アメリカ海兵隊所属の男性が女性を殺害し、自殺したとみられています。 12日午前7時半ごろ、沖縄県北谷町のアパートの寝室のベッドの上で血を流して死亡している男女2人を通報によって駆け付けた警察官が発見しました。2人には、刃物のようなもので刺された跡がありました。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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