Tokyo's Kitty Theme Park

ONLY in JAPAN -- Jan 16
Tokyo has no shortage of theme parks to entertain visitors and residents. Tokyo Disneyland is the biggest and most well known but on the other side of the city, a 39 minute train ride from Shinjuku is Sanrio Puroland – the Tokyo home to Hello Kitty and her universe of friends.

Fans will ove this place

– but what about me? I’m an adult without much connect to Kittychan. Can someone like me also love Sanrio Puroland? I’m here to learn about the park and explore – and with me is Jennifer Julien, my cat loving

friend who asks the important question: Is Hello Kitty even a cat? (The answer is no, but you know that, right?)

We’ll also explore their food court and outrageous blue and pink curry rice dish!

The food is all seasonal and the menu changes. We filmed this during the Halloween season.