ANA skips hiring for next spring as cloudy skies continue

Nikkei -- Jul 11

ANA Holdings said Friday it will end its recruiting activities for fiscal 2021 as the prolonged pandemic makes planning for the future difficult.

The parent company of All Nippon Airways, Japan's largest carrier, paused its hiring program for around 3,200 jobs groupwide in May. With the coronavirus outbreak still in full swing, the group decided a concrete business plan is impossible to develop at this point and terminated the recruiting effort for next spring.

ANA will nevertheless honor about 600 informal job offers it has already made, chiefly to vocational school students. It will also continue recruiting for its pilot-training program and keep taking on employees with disabilities.

As the pandemic decimates travel worldwide, ANA has temporarily furloughed about 43,500 employees, or more than 90% of the group's workforce.