Astronaut Noguchi praises canned mackerels

NHK -- Dec 02
Japanese astronaut Noguchi Soichi has enjoyed eating a canned mackerel dish in space. The product was developed by Japanese high school students.

Noguchi began a six-month science mission at the International Space Station in mid-November. He is using YouTube and social media platforms to issue reports on his daily life at the outpost.

The canned mackerel in soy sauce product was developed by students at Wakasa High School in Fukui Prefecture. It has been certified as space food.

Noguchi said the sauce does not spill out as it normally would in zero gravity. He took a bite of the dish with a fork and said the fish is juicy. He added that it has a rich soy sauce flavor.

Noguchi said space food needs variety. He also said a balanced diet that includes fish and vegetables is important both in terms of nutrition and mental wellbeing.

Nishimoto Hikari is a second-year student at Wakasa High School. She is involved in research on canned mackerels.

She said she is pleased that the product developed by her predecessors has been delivered to the space station. She added she is delighted to see that Noguchi is eating and enjoying lots of the canned mackerels.