Kishida announces LDP executives

NHK -- Oct 02
The new leader for Japan's main ruling Liberal Democratic Party has officially announced his party executives. LDP President Kishida Fumio is virtually assured of becoming Prime Minister next week.

Kishida said, "We must continue to tackle the new coronavirus with determination. We must steadily push forward with economic measures. We must fulfill our political responsibilities and produce results."

Kishida will go into the upcoming Lower House election with these new party officials.

Amari Akira will be in the key post of Secretary-General. He was a central figure who rallied support for Kishida in this week's leadership race.

Fukuda Tatsuo was named General Council Chairperson. That is the party's highest decision-making body. Fukuda leads a group of junior lawmakers calling for reforms.

Takaichi Sanae will be Policy Research Council Chairperson. She will start drawing up the party's promises for the national election.

Takaichi came in third behind Kishida in Wednesday's LDP leadership race. In the runoff, many of her supporters are believed to have given their votes to Kishida.

Endo Toshiaki was named Election Strategy Committee Chairperson. He was once the Minister in charge of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Kishida is expected to be named Prime Minister in the Diet on Monday, as the LDP-led coalition controls both chambers. His new Cabinet lineup will likely be announced at the same time.