Kyoto: Voices from Daitoku-ji, the temple of the dragon mountain

WIDE -- Nov 16
1200 years ago, Kyoto was founded under the name of Heian-Kyo, the capital of peace. The city built around the ideas of peace and safety has no walls.

At the Daitoku-ji, one of the most famous temples of Kyoto, two principles, peace and zen, are equally celebrated.

Respect for nature and for others, humility and control of yourself and your gestures are values delicately highlighted in the tea ceremony. Meanwhile, the On Zen ceremony brings together Zen monks and Shintô priests in a collective prayer for peace in the world.

Make this spiritual voyage with us and listen to the wisdom of the voices from the temple of the dragon mountain.

From the film: « Wonders of Men – Japan, Daitoku-Ji Temple »

Direction: Véronique Legendre & Alexis Barbier-Bouvet

Production: ZED & ARTE France