Home-appliance maker Balmuda unveils smartphone

NHK -- Nov 17
Japanese home-appliance maker Balmuda has unveiled its first smartphone, which bucks the trend of larger displays.

Balmuda's device allows access to high-speed 5G networks. It has a 4.9-inch display and a curvy shape, making it easy to hold in one hand.

The company said its smartphone allows users to open apps with fewer moves than on its rivals' phones.

US tech giant Apple controls nearly half of Japan's smartphone market, while Japanese makers have been losing their respective shares.

Balmuda CEO Terao Gen has said that iPhones have become too prevalent in Japan. He said this created a chance for his company, as there always be people "who want something different."

Balmuda will release the device on November 26, and it will cost about 920 dollars. The company has outsourced production to Kyocera.

あの家電メーカーのスマートフォンが早くも話題になっています。  トースターや炊飯器などキッチン家電などで知られるバルミューダが16日に発表したのは、5Gに対応したスマートフォンです。 - ANNnewsCH