Teenage boy arrested for fatally pushing friend into sea while playing sumo

17歳少年逮捕 海に友人を突き落として死なせた疑い

ICHIKAWA, May 20 (NewsOnJapan) - A 17-year-old unemployed boy has been arrested on suspicion of pushing two school students into the sea in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, with one of them becoming unconscious and the other fatally injured.

In March, nine men and women were playing sumo wrestling on the coast of Shiohama, Ichikawa City, where the two boys fell into the sea from a height of 3 meters. According to police investigations, the 17-year-old friend is suspected of pushing them into the water.

May 20 (ANNnewsCH) - 今年3月千葉県市川市で、高校生2人が海に転落して1人が死亡、1人が意識不明となっている事故で、17歳の無職の少年が傷害致死などの疑いで逮捕されました。 ...continue reading

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