Japan health panel recommends allowing import, use of medical marijuana products

医療用の大麻解禁へ…薬の原料に “使用罪”新設も

TOKYO, Sep 30 (Reuters) - A Japanese health ministry panel on Thursday recommended revising the nation's drug laws to allow for the importation and use of medicinal marijuana products.

The recommendation was based on meeting medical needs and to harmonise Japan with international standards, the committee said in a report. The revision would apply to marijuana products whose safety and efficacy were confirmed under laws governing pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Revision of the law would be necessary for the use of the cannabis-derived epilepsy drug Epidiolex, which is currently undergoing clinical trials in Japan, the report said. ...continue reading

Sep 30 (ANNnewsCH) - 医療用の大麻をめぐり、厚生労働省で開かれた専門家による委員会は、大麻を原料とした医薬品を解禁する方針を示しました。これまで条件付きでの治験は認められていましたが、原料に使うことは禁止されていました。  ...continue reading

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