3 men arrested for causing injury resulting in death after pushing man into river

【男3人を逮捕】川で“自殺”の男性 実は突き落とされ死亡

OKAYAMA, Nov 17 (Japan Today) - Police in Okayama City have arrested three men on suspicion of causing a 27-year-old man’s death after they pushed into a river where he drowned.

Police said the three men initially told police that Yuta Mizuuchi suddenly jumped into the Yoshii River while talking with them at around 10:30 p.m. on Sept 25, Kyodo News reported. Mizuochi drowned and his death was initially ruled a suicide.

The three suspects are accused of forcing Mizuuchi, whom they knew, to stand on the riverbank and they then pushed him into the water where he drowned.

Police believe the incident was part of a bullying campaign against Mizuuchi. Prior to the incident, the three suspects and another man were arrested on assault charges after forcibly cutting Mizuuchi’s hair with scissors. ...continue reading

Nov 17 (日テレNEWS) - 今年9月、岡山市の川でパート従業員の男性、水内悠太さん、27歳が亡くなりました。  ...continue reading

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