Teachers call for cancellation of English speaking test

都立高入試の英語スピーキングテスト 現役教師からも中止求める声

TOKYO, Nov 20 (ANNnewsCH) - With only one week before the introduction of an English speaking test in this year's Tokyo high school entrance examination, there have been calls from some teachers to cancel it, saying that fairness cannot be maintained, TV Asahi reports.

About 80,000 junior high school students will take the speaking test by recording their voices on a tablet device, with the score added to February's entrance exam to determine whether they pass or fail.

The problem is how to treat students who did not take the exam due to poor health. The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education plans to give the average score of the speaking tests of students with the same score in the English written exam next February, but this means that students who did not take the exam could be given a score higher than their ability.

Nov 20 (ANNnewsCH) - 今年度の都立高校入試に初めて導入される英語のスピーキングテストがおよそ1週間後の今月27日に迫るなか、公正性が保たれないとして現役の教師からも中止を求める声が相次いでいます。  ...continue reading

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