Muslim migrant damages Shinto shrine

「ここに神様いない」さい銭箱破壊 黄色い服で…ガンビア国籍の男逮捕

KOBE, May 27 ( - A video has been going viral on social media wherein a man in yellow attire can be seen vandalising a worship place.

The video is reportedly from the Tarumi Ward in Japan’s Kobe City where the accused identified as Mamadou Balde had vandalised the Mizuoka Hachiman shrine in the area.

Balde is a Muslim native of the Republic of Gambia in West Africa, who migrated to Japan and now lives in Tarumi Ward, where the incident took place.

The accused, who was later arrested by the Japanese police, reportedly broke an offering box kept in the shrine. He also, reportedly, threatened a local worshipper against offering prayers at the shrine claiming Allah to be the only God. The incident occurred on May 3, 2023.

The CCTV footage revealed that the Muslim man, dressed in yellow attire appeared in the precincts of the Japanese Shinto shrine at around 9:30 am on May 3. He kicked the offering box kept in the shrine. ...continue reading

May 27 (ANNnewsCH) - 今月3日、神戸市垂水区にある瑞丘八幡神社の防犯カメラの映像です。  ...continue reading

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