Edogawa installs 80 cameras to tackle highest bicycle theft rate in Tokyo

TOKYO, Nov 18 (News On Japan) - Edogawa Ward in Tokyo, which has the highest incidence of bicycle thefts in the city, announced the installation of 80 surveillance cameras in bicycle parking areas at private condominiums and other locations.

Moto Saito, the Mayor of Edogawa Ward, expressed his shock and determination to address this issue unique to the ward. According to statistics from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, there were approximately 1,300 cases of bicycle theft in Edogawa Ward last year, but this year the number has increased to 1,512 cases by October, making it the highest in Tokyo.

This is the first time in 17 years that Edogawa Ward has recorded the highest number of bicycle thefts in Tokyo over a year. Given that 48% of these thefts occur in collective housing, the ward announced the installation of 80 surveillance cameras in the parking areas of these housing complexes.

The budget for this project is 44 million yen, and the ward plans to submit a supplementary budget proposal at the regular meeting of the ward assembly starting next week.

Mayor Moto Saito stated in a press conference that after a year of evaluation, if the cameras prove effective, the ward would like to expand the subsidy for their installation, TV Asahi reports.

Nov 18 (ANNnewsCH) - 東京都内で自転車の窃盗被害が最多になっている江戸川区は、民間マンションなどの駐輪場に防犯カメラ80台を設置すると発表しました。  ...continue reading