Japan's school lunch programs at risk, many contractors making losses

TOKYO, Nov 18 (News On Japan) - The sudden shutdown of Hoyu, a company managing school lunch programs, in September has had widespread effects, as school meal providers nationwide face critical losses.

Issues emerged regarding Hoyu's corporate practices, such as winning bids at significantly lower prices than other companies.

However, with the increase in raw material costs and utility bills, 30% of school lunch providers nationwide are facing final deficits, indicating that the financial struggles of these providers are not just affecting individual companies.

This video report from @tvtokyobiz explores what is necessary to stabilize the management of school lunch providers.

Nov 18 (テレ東BIZ) - 学校給食などを運営するホーユーが、9月に突然事業を停止した影響が広がっています。  ...continue reading