Riot officer's hand severely injured in Israeli Embassy attack, far-right activist charged

TOKYO, Nov 19 (News On Japan) - A far-right activist has been arrested and charged with assault after crashing a car into a barrier near the Israeli Embassy on Thursday, with a riot police officer suffering three broken fingers and a near-severed little finger.

Shinobu Sekiguchi, 53, associated with the right-wing "Seidokaikai Gijuku" group, faced prosecution on the Nov 18 after he rammed his car into a barrier by the Israeli Embassy in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, two days earlier.

Investigations revealed the officer suffered serious injuries, including three broken fingers on his left hand, with the little finger being nearly severed.

SNS posts linked to Sekiguchi criticizing Israel were found about six hours prior to the incident. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is currently investigating the motive behind the crime.

Nov 19 (TBS NEWS) - イスラエル大使館近くで車を運転し柵に突っ込んで機動隊員を巻き込んだとして公務執行妨害の疑いで現行犯逮捕された右翼活動家が、傷害の疑いも加えて送検されました。  ...continue reading