False molestation video sparks debate

TOKYO, Nov 20 (News On Japan) - A video discussing false molestation accusations ("chikan enzai") has been resonating on social media, coinciding with the introduction of a men-only carriage.

Last year in Japan, there were 2,233 cases of molestation arrests, with nearly half occurring on trains.

The video, a 1-minute and 31-second clip, begins with a typical scene inside a train. It was produced by "conecofilm," a collective of experienced film and drama creators.

Kazuhiro Minosan of conecofilm commented, "We've taken the stereotypes people have about the scenes of false molestation accusations. It's easy to imagine and frightening."

The realistic acting and situation depicted in the video have fueled discussions online, notching up 6.9 million views in 2 months since its release.