21 countries compete in first-ever 'SpoGomi' trash pickup event in Tokyo

TOKYO, Nov 22 (News On Japan) - The first-ever competition to determine the world's best at trash collection has been held, with representatives from 21 countries gathering in Tokyo.

This event marks the inaugural World Cup final of "SpoGomi," a Japan-originated sport that combines trash picking with athleticism, in the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo.

Teams competed within designated areas, scoring points based on the amount and types of trash collected within a set time limit.

"SpoGomi" began in 2008 with the aim of raising awareness about the growing problem of marine plastic waste and reducing litter. To date, over 140,000 people have participated in the initiative.

The British team was crowned the first champion.

SpoGomi website: SPOGOMI WORLD CUP 2023