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Heavy Snowfall Alert in Tokyo

TOKYO, Feb 05 (News On Japan) - A heavy snow warning has been issued in Tokyo as snow began to fall across the 23 wards of Tokyo in the afternoon, leading to multiple accidents. Japan's Meteorological Agency says, "The peak of the heavy snow is expected to end late tonight, but caution is advised across a wide area tomorrow morning due to expected low temperatures, snow accumulation, and road icing, which could cause transportation disruptions."

JR East announced the suspension of express trains connecting Tokyo with Yamanashi and Nagano.

The heavy snow is directly hitting the evening rush hour, caused by a southern coastal low-pressure system. Snow will gradually start falling from the west across a wide area of the Kanto region.

Camera footage from Lake Yamanaka showed Mount Fuji and the lake visible in the morning... Gradually, Fuji was obscured by clouds, and the area turned into a silver world as snow began to fall.

Miyanoyama in Yamanashi's Minobu-cho displayed an unchanged landscape around 8 AM... By noon, a monochromatic world of white had spread.

Tokyo's Heavy Snow Warning Hits Commute Time

In the afternoon, Tokyo... A heavy snow warning was issued in Hachioji City. Many people ended their work early in preparation for the "heavy snow."

Teacher: "I work at a school, so we closed in the afternoon and I'm heading home now. I'll be grading exams at home."

In Tokyo's Chofu City, snowfall was clearly visible near the station. The roads and roofs began to be lightly covered in white. Home centers faced "unusual circumstances."

A home center in Tokyo's Akishima City ran out of snow removal goods such as shovels and de-icing agents within a few hours of opening.

CAINZ Akishima Store, Rio Takano: "Last year we sold snow-related items, but only about ten bags, so we didn't run out. This year is exceptional."

The sea also presented a rare sight. "Ke-arahi," steam fog, enveloped Enoshima.

Hakone began to receive snow from the morning. The Owakudani area turned into a silver world, with tourists worrying about their return journey.

Tourist: "I'm worried the trains might stop."

As feared, the situation worsened in the afternoon. The Hakone Ropeway suspended operations from 1 PM, prompting many tourists to rush to the station.

Hakone Records 35cm of Snow, Slip Accidents Occur

Vehicle accidents occurred. A van slipped while trying to avoid a car that had stopped in front. The driver shared the entire incident.

Driver: "(Q. Were you using normal tires?) Yes. I underestimated the weather. I usually have snow tires."

"(Q. Why normal tires this year?) I thought it was warm, so I planned to switch to snow tires mid or late February. I expected snow but underestimated it."

At around 3 PM in Tokyo's 23 wards, a heavy snow alert was issued. The impact on the transportation network began to emerge. Camera footage from Hachioji showed cars in the morning... The road was closed, and by the afternoon, no cars were visible.

Preventive closures were implemented on the Tomei Expressway and Metropolitan Expressway.

In Tochigi Prefecture's Yaita Interchange area, vehicles were stranded.

Stranded individual: "The snow situation was intense, causing near whiteout conditions. Everyone stopped completely with their hazards on."

A heavy snow warning was issued in Gunma Prefecture.

Source: ANN


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A Japan Airlines flight en route from Melbourne to Narita Airport encountered sudden severe turbulence on April 1, causing injuries to several cabin crew, including a broken leg.