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Ever wonder what's the magic behind the mesmerizing film, Suzume? (Netflix Anime)

A music video for Otoha's new song "The Parade of Battlers" has been released, serving as the opening theme for the anime "Black Butler: Boarding School Arc," which began airing on April 13.

SAKI, formerly of the metal girls band NEMOPHILA, has announced her full-fledged start as a solo guitarist for Like-en-Angel, a cover band of L'Arc~en~Ciel led by tetsuya.

The trailer for Episode 1 "The Journey" of the anime series "Ryuzoku - The Blazing Dawn" has been released, Minfei learns about Cassel Academy's true purpose from Professor Jurgen.

The official trailer and scene photos have been released for the simultaneous limited-time screening of "King Ohger VS Donbrothers" and "King Ohger VS Kyoryuger," starting April 26.

Shueisha and Al jointly launched a new service on Friday, April 12, called MANGA Plus Universe by SHUEISHA, which allows readers from around the world to discuss Shonen Jump+ titles through AI translation.

"Blue Lock: The Movie" is based on a Japanese manga series starring Nagi, who possesses an extraordinary sense of soccer. "Blue Lock" revolves around an ambitious project initiated by the Japanese Football Association to improve the country's soccer fortunes on the global stage.

The latest volume 15 of the manga "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" was released on April 11th, where Kanna learns about static electricity, awakening her hidden powers!