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JAL website almost inaccessible as campaign launches

日本航空のホームページ…つながりにくい状態に 国内線航空券セールでアクセス集中

NHK -- Mar 09
Japan Airlines' website for reserving and purchasing air tickets has become almost inaccessible. The airline says access to the website surged amid a sales campaign.

JAL says the problem started late Wednesday, ahead of the campaign launch on Thursday.

It explains the disruption has made it impossible for customers to reserve or buy tickets for domestic and international flights in addition to the campaign tickets.

JAL says tickets for flights on and before April 11 can be purchased through its smartphone app.

Tickets for all dates can be booked or purchased via phone.

The airline says it has not confirmed any internal system failures or cyberattacks. ...continue reading

Mar 09 (日テレNEWS) - 日本航空は9日から国内線の航空券のセールを始めたことでホームページへのアクセスが集中し、ホームページでの予約などができない状態となっています。  ...continue reading

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