Japanese 'naked' comedy live in Shanghai

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BEIJING, Nov 18 (News On Japan) - A live show held in China on Friday night featured popular Japanese comedians, including Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura, or 'Tony' Yasumura, who presented his 'nude' act while wearing full-body tights.

Friday night's live in Shanghai attracted citizens experiencing 'Japanese comedy' for the first time, amid tighter regulations against naked expression.

Tony adhered to Chinese standards, presenting his act in a full skin-toned body suit, explaining in Chinese, "Don't worry, I'm wearing clothes!"

A Shanghai observer said, "It's very bold. Such performances do not exist in China."

The president of Yoshimoto Creative Agency visited Shanghai together with the performance, which was adjusted to local standards in readiness for the company's full-scale entry into China, TV Asahi reports.

Nov 18 (ANNnewsCH) - 中国で日本の人気芸人が登場するお笑いライブが開かれました。裸での表現が規制されるなか、とにかく明るい安村さんはどんなネタを披露したのでしょうか。  ...continue reading