Toei subway completes platform door installation, employee idea slashes costs

TOKYO, Nov 19 (News On Japan) - The introduction of platform doors at Nishimagome Station on the Toei Asakusa Line marks the completion of platform door installation across all Tokyo Metropolitan Government-managed subway stations.

Platform door installations have now been completed at all stations managed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on the Toei Subway, with Nishimagome Station beginning operations on Nov 18.

Platform doors typically use wireless signals from the train to open and close, but the Asakusa Line adopted a QR code system devised by staff members.

As a result, the cost of modifying the trains was significantly reduced from the initial estimate of 2 billion yen to about 2.7 million yen.

The QR code system has also been adopted on other lines, including the Odakyu Line.