Japan sees shift to domestic travel amid weakening yen and aging population

TOKYO, Nov 20 (News On Japan) - Preparations for the New Year are underway across Japan, with a noticeable shift from overseas to domestic travel for the year-end and New Year season, stemming from the yen's historic decline.

As the mood for overseas travel remains subdued, many are rediscovering Japan.

Japan Travel Agency reports, "Due to the impact of the yen’s weakness, domestic travel is becoming more popular than overseas trips. Tokyo and Osaka, with their theme parks, are emerging as popular destinations."

According to Kinki Nippon Tourist, compared to pre-COVID times, overseas travel reservations have decreased by 15%, while domestic travel has recovered by 70%.

Tokyo Disney Resort, celebrating its 40th anniversary, and Universal Studios Japan in Kansai, are the leading domestic travel destinations, TV Asahi reports.