Sci-Tech | Feb 22

Surgeon's Origami "Divine Technique" Goes Viral

TOKYO, Feb 22 (News On Japan) - An origami crane is created using a slender rod. The tip is pinched, and the folds are carefully made. The result is a paper crane, crafted with robot-like precision... with the accompanying video being viewed 9 million times!

The video was posted by Dr. Yƍichi Hashimoto, an active gastroenterological surgeon.

He folds a 7.5 cm square origami paper using tools for laparoscopic surgery as part of his training.

On social media, the video quickly garnered over 9 million views, with comments like "Faster and cleaner than folding by hand" and "Divine technique!"

Dr. Hashimoto started this practice after receiving a comment on a technical certification exam that his forceps handling was poor. "I wondered how to overcome it, and then I saw a video of folding a crane," he says.

When he first started 12 years ago, it took him over an hour, but now he holds the record for the fastest time in Japan at 1 minute and 52 seconds, not losing to the speed of folding by hand.

He has folded over 14,000 cranes so far.

While there are mixed opinions about this practice, as it involves movements not used in surgery, Dr. Hashimoto says, "It helps me to do different things with my right and left hands simultaneously. When unexpected events occur, my hands can move instantaneously."

It seems certain that this "divine technique" of origami is contributing to saving patients.

Source: FNN


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