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Satoshi Takamatsu, a former advertising creator turned photographer, aged 60, has revealed plans to become the third Japanese civilian to undertake a long-term stay at the International Space Station (ISS).

The Japan Nature Conservation Association revealed the results of its nationwide turtle survey on Thursday, February 1, with more than half the collected samples being the 'Red-Eared Slider,' as this invasive species continues to expand its habitat, while there are concerns over the declining population of the native Japanese Pond Turtle.

The dream of power-generating clothing is closer to reality with the development of an "ultra-thin organic solar cell" that overcomes water's challenges. It functions flawlessly even after laundering and can generate electricity underwater for extended periods.

A research group, including scientists from Okayama University, has successfully captured part of the process by which oxygen molecules are produced from water molecules during photosynthesis using special X-rays. This breakthrough is expected to lead to a better understanding of the detailed mechanisms of photosynthesis and has potential applications in the research of "artificial photosynthesis," which is gaining attention as a clean energy source.

Japan has embarked on a pioneering experiment in Tochigi Prefecture, using plant-based fuel, known as 'bio-coke', in a steam locomotive for the first time in the country.

The unmanned lunar lander "SLIM," which had successfully landed on the moon but was initially unable to generate power due to its solar cells not functioning, has now re-established communication with Earth and resumed operations. According to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)'s official account on X, scientific observations on the lunar surface have already commenced.

A research team from the University of Tokyo has announced the successful development of a "quantum bit" with the ability to correct computational errors caused by malfunctions, which are considered essential for the practical application of next-generation computers known as quantum computers.

Japan's inaugural private rocket launch has been scheduled for March 9, fueling a wave of anticipation, opening new pathways into space.