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Heavy rains continue in Hokkaido, Tohoku

NHK -- Aug 09
Heavy downpours will continue into Wednesday in the northern and northeastern regions of Japan due to a stationary rain front.

The Meteorological Agency says atmospheric conditions in Hokkaido are extremely unstable as warm and moist air is flowing in toward the front hovering near the region.

Record amounts of rain fell in parts of Hokkaido's Rumoi, Kamikawa and Oshima districts. The town of Embetsu recorded 213 millimeters in the 12-hour period through 10 p.m. on Monday, approximately 1.5 times the average for the month of August.

Landslide warnings are in place for parts of the Soya, Oshima and Hiyama districts.

In the 24 hours through Tuesday evening, up to 200 millimeters are expected in Tohoku and 150 millimeters in Hokkaido. In the following 24-hour period through Wednesday evening, between 100 and 200 millimeters are forecast for Tohoku.

Torrential downpours are also expected to continue in coastal areas in Tohoku along the Sea of Japan, as the front will remain near the region for the next week.

Meteorological Agency officials are warning of landslides, flooding in low-lying areas and swollen or overflowing rivers.

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