Japan's H3 rocket fails in second attempted launch

Nikkei -- Mar 07

The second attempt to launch Japan's H3 rocket failed minutes after liftoff on Tuesday as its second-stage engine did not ignite and the nation's space agency ordered the space vehicle to self-destruct.

The launch took place on a clear morning at the Tanegashima Space Center about 1,000 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. It was the second attempt by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), developer of the two-stage rocket, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the prime contractor, after a try on Feb. 17 was aborted at the last minute due to an electrical glitch. ...continue reading

Mar 07 (ANNnewsCH) - 日本の新たな主力ロケット・H3ロケット初号機の打ち上げが失敗したことを受け、文科省は原因究明に向けて第1回対策本部を開催しました。  ...continue reading