Where to get knowledge of the World of Warcraft universe as a beginner

newsonjapan.com -- Mar 16
In the gaming industry, there are projects whose history has been going on for more than a decade, and it can be difficult for newcomers to join the MMO of the World of Warcraft level.

There are several reasons for this - many add-ons that somehow influenced game mechanics, a built-in, but rather superficial training system from World of Warcraft, which quickly sends the player into free swimming.

Beginners often quickly pass the first 20 levels, and then the problems begin:

  1. Developed skills and talents may not be effective for your class and this will be revealed closer to level 40.
  2. A sharp loss of the combat potential of the class, which there is nothing to make up for due to the lack of gold.

To prevent this, it is better to use useful sites and services from the very beginning of your character development.


Skycoach will be able to help in most of the activities that players are not required to do on their own and can be entrusted to professionals.

Game gold supplies

In World of Warcraft, gold plays a major and decisive role. If you have enough currency, you can simplify your game in any situation:

  1. Buy good equipment and weapons at the right level and significantly speed up character leveling and completing quests.
  2. It will allow you to buy the missing materials for the development of professions and future earnings in the production of various equipment.

Skycoach will transfer the required amount of gold, agreed during the transaction. The transfer will be masked from the attention of the game administration in order to avoid game sanctions. If the gold is transferred without precautions, the administration will have every right to react and confiscate the subject of the transaction with the imposition of gambling sanctions. To prevent this, Skycoach performs a number of actions to mask and anonymize the client.

Help with pumping and training

These are two different in their structure services that a service can provide.

Leveling will require the transfer of a game account to a professional Skycoach player and is suitable for players who want to move to highlv content as quickly as possible without wasting time on quests, raids and general leveling.

The advantage of the service can be called the fact that all the resources and materials that will be obtained in the process will not be withdrawn, but will remain with the character.

The status of the service can be tracked on the Skycoach website in real time. When the order is completed, it is advisable for you to change your password, and you can go to conquer the Dragonflight update.

The training will be more useful from a future perspective.

You will be taught how to properly upgrade in the chosen class, they will tell you about the most effective skills and the correct principles for their use, help you deal with farming and raids, and teach you how to use your skills in PVP.

The knowledge gained in the process will be useful to you in any case, even if you change your character as a result - the main mechanics will be unchanged for all aspects of World of Warcraft.

Blizzard Forum

Forums on the subject of the game can always be beneficial for all players, including beginners, if you know how to use them correctly.

Of course, there will be useless topics, without practical use, but you can find and create the necessary sections and discussions.

For example, you want to understand the system of characteristics for your character - the general principles will be the same, but each hero will have his own priorities for learning and strengthening in order to develop maximum efficiency. If your class is a mage, then the mastery parameter will go higher than all the others.

The more skillful the mage, the stronger his main offensive skills, regardless of the class branch. Skills will proc more strongly, deal magical critical damage more often, and debuffs will proc more often.

The main advantage of the forum can be called its self-moderation.

Players read posts written by others and rate them. So, according to the majority, even the most useless note will be appreciated and in case of inadequacy, or not truthfulness, it will simply be removed from the forum.

At the same time, good posts will rise higher and new players will be able to quickly determine what to study first. This does not mean that the information should not be double-checked for adequacy, but the forum will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the practical experience of other players, time-tested.


Wowhead is, first of all, a huge base of guides and recommendations, which is dedicated to all versions of World of Warcraft.

Players who have just come to the project can get acquainted with full-fledged manuals, which are described starting from the first levels.

Where to download, what to do after level 10, what materials should be collected for the future, and what can be sold immediately for gold after knocking out.

You can buy some of the equipment, but you shouldn't spend a lot of gold on it - before level 60, equipment will change too quickly and too often.

Do not forget about jewelry - this is an accessory that enhances the basic characteristics of magic resistance, and you will be able to resist magic and critical attacks from spells longer. Good quality jewelry can not only provide protection, but also significantly enhance the main characteristics of the character.

Do not forget about current skills and take into account the builds suggested in the guides, which are selected for each type of battle for your class - for PVP, PVE and farming on locations.

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