Panda cub begins walking behind her mom
NHK -- Oct 22
A giant panda cub at a Tokyo zoo continues to grow steadily about 4 months after her birth. Xiang Xiang was seen walking behind her mother, Shin Shin, during a recent checkup.

The female panda was born on June 12th.

Zoo officials said on Friday that the cub weighed 8.6 kilograms and was about 74 centimeters long.

The officials say the cub is walking more stably compared with 10 days ago. They say she could walk over a step about 5 centimeters high as she followed her mother.

They say she appears to be able to see things better as her eyes often follow her mother and zoo keepers.

The cub's mother is also healthy. She was seen nursing and grooming Xiang Xiang.

News sources: NHK, Kyodo
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