Nov 27
Kansai Electric Power Co has applied to the nuclear regulatory body for permission to operate a reactor in western Japan beyond the government-mandated 40-year service period. (Japan Today)
Nov 27
The Japanese government plans to tighten its energy-efficiency standards for lamps to effectively ban production and imports of fluorescents and incandescents, informed sources said Thursday. (Jiji Press)
Nov 26
Japan’s health ministry approved on Wednesday sale of a wearable walk-assist robot for use in medical facilities, underscoring the government’s push to promote such products as part of growth strategy. (Nikkei)
Nov 25
A team of scientists say they found a protein in humans can inhibit HIV infection. (NHK)
Nov 24
A Japanese rocket carrying a communications satellite for a Canadian company is heading into space. (NHK)
Nov 24
The number of syphilis patients is rising rapidly, especially among young women, according to new statistics issued by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases. (Japan Times)
Nov 24
Last summer, women across Japan had their hearts stolen by the newest handsome face to be discovered by the Japanese media. That sort of thing happens a couple of time a year, as a celebrity’s visual image is critical to his success in Japan, but the new heartthrob, and it’s not just that he goes by the single name Shabani. (
Nov 24
A Japanese rocket is set to carry a foreign company’s satellite into space on Tuesday. It will be the first launch of its kind in Japan. (NHK)
Nov 23
The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has designated the ayumodoki, or kissing loach, which is indigenous to Japan, as a critically endangered species in the latest edition of its Red List of threatened wildlife. (The Japan News)
Nov 21
Japan Coast Guard officials say a remote Pacific island has grown 12 times in size since it was formed by an underwater eruption 2 years ago. (NHK)