Aug 29
An international conference on the management of bluefin tuna stocks in the Pacific Ocean will begin on Monday in the western Japanese port city of Fukuoka. (NHK)

Aug 28
Scientists who study earthquakes in Japan said Thursday they have detected a rare deep-Earth tremor for the first time and traced its location to a distant and powerful storm. (

Aug 26
Endangered horseshoe crabs are dying in unusually high numbers this year in Japan, possibly due to a drop in sea oxygen levels. (NHK)

Aug 25
Alcohol abstinence will halve the risk of esophagus cancer recurrence, a team of Japanese researchers has found. (Jiji Press)

Aug 24
The antiwhaling group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has agreed to stop physical attacks on whaling vessels and their crew permanently, in a settlement with Japanese research whalers, it was announced Tuesday. (Jiji Press)

Aug 21
A strong earthquake struck off the coast of northern Japan for a third consecutive day early Sunday. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. (Japan Times)

Aug 20
A reported epidemic of thyroid cancer in rich countries is in fact mainly due to overdiagnosis driven by new technologies, the U.N.’s cancer research agency says. (Japan Today)

Aug 17
A resident in his 40s in Hokkaido has died of tick-borne encephalitis, the prefectural government said Tuesday. (Japan Times)

Aug 13
Officials at Japan’s Meteorological Agency say a power malfunction in its seismic system caused a false alarm earlier this month that indicated a massive earthquake may hit Tokyo Bay. (NHK)

Aug 12
Shikoku Electric Power Co. said Friday that it has restarted a reactor at its Ikata power plant in western Japan, making it the fifth unit reactivated under tougher regulations set following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. (Kyodo)